Sunday, October 4, 2015


This blog is about us...and what we can do to about this wacky world we live in. Great things are happening for sure. But there’s lots of loopiness as well. And that’s what this blog is about. For many issues, big and small, craziness goes unchallenged. Most people won’t stand up and speak out. It’s a human thing. But we need to get over that. Particularly if we want a livable life. 

So I’m devoting this weekly blog to documenting the “nonsensical” in today’s world and inviting you to join me in suggesting some “sensical” solutions. Yes, I know that “sensical” is not an official word according to Webster’s. But, “sensible” sounds too much like “settling” for something less than what common sense requires. Besides, “sensical” may give a much-needed boost to the practice of critical thinking, highlighting the nonsensical situations we mindlessly put up with, but shouldn’t. 

As we address a wide range of topics, from small stuff to big deals, I warn you, I’m a big fan of The Earth and self-reliance (on a personal, local, and national basis). So expect a “green”, DIY, fair trade, survivalist, and protectionist theme to this blog. But I'm into lots of other things as well.  Expect the unexpected.  Every week I’ll post a new blog. Now let’s get on with the show and Get Sensical!

Lynn Landes
Philadelphia, PA

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